Friday, 12 September 2008

Learn to use the internet

Most people who want to learn to use a computer really want to learn to use the internet. If you can't use the internet these days you seem to be at a disadvantage in my areas of life. Why should you learn to use the internet? Here are a few reasons:

If you have young relatives or friends they are unlikely to want to write a letter or postcard these days. In order to keep in touch they will expect you to use email. Don't be afraid of the internet. It really is a quick and easy way to keep in touch with friends and relatives all over the world. If you use broadband you can also use your computer to talk to people using internet telephony and even see and be seen by your friends using a webcam. Webcams only cost a few pounds and are fantastic for helping you to keep in touch with distant grandchildren.

For many people, being able to order goods and groceries online is a real boon. If you are older, or disabled or ill, it is so easy to order online. Buy presents for friends/relatives this way and they can be delivered directly to the recipient. I have ME and when I'm in a relapse I find it really helpful to be able to order my groceries online. No need to struggle to the shops - the groceries are delivered to your door.

If you want to book a holiday, being able to do your research into prices, times and destinations is a real help.

If you are travelling by train or plane, you can usually check online to see if the service is on time (or cancelled) before leaving home.

If you have any special interests the internet is a wonderful tool for researching. There are also some wonderful online game sites if you play bridge or chess.

If you find it difficult to get out for any reason the internet can be a source of new friends. Of course you need to be careful about giving personal information to people you don't know, but there are many legitimate penfriend, dating and forum sites where you can chat to like minded people.

Many people would like to learn to use the internet but are afraid of attending a course, or have asked someone to show them how and not understood. Don't worry. I have been teaching older students how to the internet for several years. I have written an easy to follow course to help you to use the internet. It comes in two versions. One for Windows XP (or earlier) and one for Windows Vista. Just purchase whichever version is right for you and enjoy your journey to becoming a member of the internet age.

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