Sunday, 28 September 2008

Treat very urgently - DHL Delivery Company

Today we're in Romania or Southern Illinois. Possibly a Romanian national living in Illinois. S/he sent me an email, claiming to come from Nigeria, telling me to contact the delivery company urgently as "Mrs Stella Johnson" of "Zenith Bank PLC" has sent me an ATM card worth $2m. I guess she has more money in her bank account than I do. My ATM card is worth a few hundred dollars at the most.

"The DHL Delivery Service Company are hereby passing an essential massageto all our valuable customers to be very careful while presenting theirreceivers residential address to avoid wrong delivery. This is the DHL courier service company mailing you as per your parcelthat was brought to this company to be delivered to you by oneMiss.Stella Johnson of ZENITH BANK PLC, along the delivery process therecame a misunderstanding between you and the nicon insurance company inregard of their request as per their insurance certificate which happensto be course of your parcel pending for the past One Year.Meanwhile weare hereby happy to inform you that the DHL Company has finalizedeverything with the nicon insurance company of Nigeria as the companyorganization has also listed 24 valuable parcels to be intact in theiroffice after the released of the parcels from the nicon insurancecompany. We are happy to inform you once again that your parcel thatcontain ATM CARD worth the sum of $2 million dollars is among the 24parcels listed which is now in our office and also with your name as thereceiver despite that we lost your private residential addresss ............."

It rambles on at great length. I haven't read the rest and don't intend to. I will delete it and so should you.

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