Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Mrs Rita Petrov

It seems to be my lucky week. Everyone wants to send me money. I've just received an email from "Mrs Rita Petrov". I won't bore you with most of the contents. She is, apparently, the heir to $18million following the untimely death of her husband and daughter and she herself is now dying of cancer. She is a born again Christian and so is keen to release all her money to me.

She claims she lives in Russia. As with all scammers the email came from a Hotmail email address. A little digging told me it was actually sent from Chile.

Whoever and whatever Mrs Petrov is, she certainly isn't Christian. She's a scammer.

If you receive one of these emails, delete it. She doesn't exist and she certainly isn't going to send you $18million. What s/he really wants is your bank account details so s/he can help herself to your money.

Delete the email. Don't reply to it. It's a scam, pure and simple


stevepkam said...

Well, MY Rita Petrov didn't use a hotmail account. My email came from the real Rita and her email was which shows it must be true.

I'll be happy to split the $18 million with you if we can send her YOUR bank account info. (g)

Chelle Cordero said...

gee, her doctor told her she might only last a couple of months because of her illness and here it is more than 15 months after the earliest letter from her comes up on Google... Obviously she has not found the god fearing person who will use her money according to directions. Well, if that is what is prolonging her life, I say we should help and not respond...

BTW, have you heard about that bridge for sale?

Reverand William said...

Bought the Brdige over the Hudson River. Charging a toll on it daily. Love the proceeds, thanks for asking.

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