Sunday, 2 November 2008

Red Dot

Next up are "Red Dot". So keen are they to scam me - I mean give me money, that they can't even bothered to make up a story about who they are!

"Red dot award notificationWe are happy to notify you that your e-mail addresswas selected which won you 300,000 Dollars in ouron-going End of the year 2008 award presentation.To file for the claim of this award money you aretherefore advice to reply back with yourName....Address....Occupation....Contact number.......Age.....To view our previous award website link belowhttp://red-dot.deSend Details toEmail:replyreddot001@live.comRegardsDr. paul edwards (Red Dot)."

This singularly unimpressive scam cam from A non existent website, presumably registered just for sending this scam. I feel if "steve" really does want to make a profit online then a more usual form of internet marketing might be a more useful "secret" to implement.

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