Thursday, 6 November 2008

Spybot 2009 - Protect your privacy with spybot

Another nasty piece of spyware. This has NOTHING TO DO with the real spybot which is an effective spyware removal program. Delete the email and DON'T click on any links.

If you're sick of spam/scam you can use Spam Bully to regain control of your inbox. It's a highly effective, intelligent spam filter, with the added benefit of a feature that allows you to get your own back on the spammers!

To prevent viruses and spyware infections attacking your computer Use F-Secure. A highly effective and well respected internet security suite.

The Best Privacy Protection on the NetGet immediate access and protect yourself with Spybot 2009.Detect, remove and block spyware from your PC.Download Spybot 2009 HereAward winning software for the past 5 years.Steven PatricksSpybot Protection

When I pointed my mouse at one of the links in the email this is the link that was displayed at the bottom left of my screen. This is is the link that was displayed:

This is NOT the download link for the real spybot. To download the real Spybot, visit this link
If you think your computer has been infected with spyware, make sure you scan your computer with updated antivirus software and antispyware.

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