Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spam and Chips

I am becoming a fervent believer in spam. In the real world I have to work for a living (altogether now - aaahhhhh). In spam land I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams. Well, which would you prefer to believe in? Reality or spam? Answers on a postcard please.

Today I have an embarrassment of riches. So much indeed, that I feel it would be positively immoral to claim them all. So I'll post them all in the five posts above this and let you decide which I should claim and which I should leave for someone else.

Ok - I'm being facetious. They're all scams, as ever. Please don't reply if you receive them. You haven't won anything. Most are what is known as "advanced feed" frauds. Magically you have to pay a fee to receive your award or winnings. If you are taken in an pay the fee, another fee will follow. You'll never receive a penny, because there isn't any money. They are trying to get money from you not give it to you.

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