Sunday, 2 November 2008

Shuenn Jaan Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ah. A change. Someone wants to offer me a job.

"Dear Sir/Ma, Please can I have your attention for a moment? Would you like to work online from home temporarily and get paid weekly? Our Company Shuenn Jaan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company based in Taiwan and we are into Manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, Bakelite machines, dual-colors injection molding machines and accessories supplied worldwide since 1975 with numerous customers home and abroad. We produce various industrial machinery (machines) & equipments supply (supplies) you will be glad with our products. We need representatives in the United States,United Kingdon and Canada who will be in charge of all our payments from the United States,United Kingdon and Canada clients/customers. Most of our customers from United States,United Kingdon and Canada pay through their Bank account and Credit Card, which are not negotiable here in Taiwan. This brings our quest to employ a credible and trustworthy fellow as our representative to handle our payments. This would not affect your present job but serve as another stream of income to your good self. Being our representative and assisting us in processing the payments from our clients shall earn you a weekly salary and commission of about 20% of every payment you assist us with. Due to the fact that we can not process the United States,United Kingdon and Canada Bank Wire Transfer here in the Taiwan, we have lost in the past about ($200,000 USD) of net income each month because of money transfer delays. Most of our clients/customers who purchase our products need to pay large amount of money through their Bank Account. Your task is to coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment process. You are not involved in any sales. If you are interested, email us back with the information below. Name: Address: Age: Sex: Home Phone: Office Phone: Bank Name: Your quick response will be appreciated. Best Regards, Mr Jack Terry SHUENN JAAN MACHINERY CO., LTD No.803, CHUNG SHAN N. RD., YUNG KANG CITY, TAINAN HSIEN TAIWAN R.O.C., Email: Tel: 886-6-2339590 ~4 Fax : 886-6-2331745 Mr Jack Jean BRANCH OFFICE IN ENGLAND 145 ISLING TON ROAD BANNER STREET Tel: +447031815746 Fax: +447931225788 "

These guys don't want to give me money - they want me to assist in moving money. So I expect they want my bank account details!!!

Please don't get taken in my these people. They don't have a job for you. These guys are out to take money from your bank account, not put it into your bank account.

If you are desperate for extra income or in financial difficulties, speak to your local credit union, or financial advisor or check out your local factory, farm or supermarket to see if they have any casual work available.

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