Saturday, 1 November 2008

UK National Lottery

It's Saturday morning, and I should be doing the vacuuming and washing and tidying and cleaning and ............. But it's much more fun reading my spam email. This morning I have, apparently, won £250k on the UK National Lottery. The email is such utter rubbish that I couldn't resist reproducing it in full, not least because they seem to have invented a word - fudiciary. It probably ought to be a word, it has a certain ring about it, but as far I'm aware it isn't a word - at least not a real one with a meaning.

"Barrister Tim Rampton", who I am supposed to contact, appears to be a student at Humboldt University in California with a Hotmail email address. How very odd!!!!!!

BRITISH LOTTERY 6/49202 StraRoad, London,UNITED KINGDOM.***********************************************Ref: XYL/41623970018/08 Batch: 37/00918/TPD*********************************************** YOU HAVE WON £250,000 POUNDS STERLING.Attn: Our Dear Winner,By the Board of the BRITISH LOTTERY 6/49, you have won the sum of £250,000 (Two hundre and fifty Great British Pounds Sterling)from the BRITISH LOTTERY 6/49 on our2008 annual charity bonanza.The winning ticket was selected from a Data Base of Internet Email Users, from which your Address came out as the winning coupon.You are therefore requested to contact immediately out Claims Department belowquoting winning number: WINNING NUMBER: 16-06-42-11-65-14-{75}.PLEASE WE ADVISE YOU TO GET BACK TO THE FUDICIARY CLAIMS AGENT RESPONSIBLE FORYOUR CLAIMS WITH YOUR COMPLETE VERIFICATION FORM VIA EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLEFOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON YOUR WINNINGS.VERIFICATION AND CLEARANCE FORM TO BE FILLED:(1) FULL NAMES:(2) ADDRESS:(3) SEX:(4) AGE:(5) MARITAL STATUS:(6) OCCUPATION:(7) E-MAIL ADDRESS:(8) TELEPHONE NUMBER:(9) BATCH NUMBER:(10) REF NUMBER:(11) BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF COMPANY/INDIVIDUAL:(12) AMOUNT WON:(13) COUNTRY:FUDICIARY AGENT CONTACT:Barrister Tim RamptonRampton & Sons Consultants Lawfirm & Schmidtz Associates(Solicitors Advocates & Arbitrators)Official Email:
barr_timrampton@hotmail.comPhone number+447035933124Fiduciary Agent/Payment Officer.Do complete the verification and clearance form above and remember to quote your winning number for confirmation. Congratulations once again.Yours faithfully,MR. JAMES SMITHOnline Co-ordinator for BRITItford SH LOTTERY 6/49."

In case you're in doubt, it's a scam. You haven't won anything. They want to take money from you, not give it to you. Just delete it. Although I think I might get my imaginary friend Annie Cheater to reply.

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