Monday, 6 October 2008

Bankruptcles and ball-outs

Couldn't resist that title. Yet another gem from my spam folder and no - it isn't an advert for "medicines". That is the subject from the email though. Apparently all I have to do is make phone calls for a few days a week and I will generate between $3k and $5k a week.

"OneHour ADay For BigDough Would you take an hour out of your day, 3or4 daysaweek to generate$3000to$5000 perweek ormore Return phonecalls to people that are waiting for your call and give them some information...That's it NoSellingNotMLMNotNetworkMarketing This is realand so is theCASH!
SeeCashFlow to your door in as soon as 24-72 hours
Ringup 8OO.249.9442 to hear more"

Clearly someone who doesn't know me from the proverbial Adam isn't going to pay me for making random phone calls, so either:
a) that isn't a freephone number (I'm not going to try it to see)
b) they want my bank account details (how unusual)

As ever, delete it. If you are really desperate for cash try your local credit union or try your local supermarket or factory to see if they have some casual work available.

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