Saturday, 4 October 2008

Fletcher Financial Services

Mr Fletcher Cowley has replied to me. He assures me he is a God fearing person. This is his reply.

Attn:Annie Cheater , The terms of the Amount which you requested as a loan is listed below, I am giving out this loan amount to you, with the duration of 36 Months and I believe that you can be trusted. You have come to the right place were you can get your loan fast and easy, I am a God fearing person and I hope you are a legitimate borrower, I want you to be faithful and truthful in this transaction, So that we can have a good business relationship ahead, I can be able to offer you the loan of sum GBP5,000.00 I have stated the terms of the loan below for you to see and tell me if you are in agreement with the loan terms and condition or not. HERE ARE THE TERMS AND CONDITION. APPLICANT'S DETAILS* Name of Applicant:Annie Cheater * Amount: GBP5,000.00* Loan Duration:3 years (36 Months) LOAN TERMS AND REPAYMENT SCHEDULE: The loan repayment is based on a monthly basis which consists of the loan capital and interest rate together. Like it’s written, the loan duration period is for 36 Months. So find the interest rate and payment schedule below: Principal Loan: GBP5,000.00Loan Interest Rate: 2%Loan Term:3 yearsMonthly Loan Payment:GBP 143.21 Number of Payments: 36 Cumulative Payments:GBP 5,155.67 Total Interest Paid: GBP 155.67 Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 35 payments of GBP 143.21 plus a final payment of GBP 143.32. These are the terms above, if you are in agreement with the terms and ready to proceed, i want you to get back to me with your banking information. I will forward your information’s to the Money Laundering Monitoring Council, for the approval of the loan, and also send the Loan to the insurance company so that the loan can be insured immediately. The Approval and the insurance charges is going to be paid by me the lender. If al l things being equal, this loan will be insured and Approved before the next 1 Hour for transfer. Meanwhile you are also require to send your banking information if you agree to the terms and conditions. I do take the responsibility of paying the Approval charges and insurance charges for any legitimate borrower, and not the beneficiary of the loan in order to have a smooth transaction and a better business relation ahead all you just have to be responsible of is the transfer charges to transfer the money to your bank account. I will send my Attorney to the insurance company, to go and insure the loan soonest.If you Agree to the Terms of the loan I want you to get back to me as soon as possible, and make sure you send your bank account, bank name, the user name, so that I can contact my bank so that they can transfer the money to your bank account, and also once I make the transfer to your bank account my bank will inform you immediately so that you can withdraw the money from your bank account and the monthly payment will start there after. Note that once I make the transfer I will give all your information to my bank so that they will contact you once the money is transferred to your bank account.As soon as you receive your loan you will be informed on how to make the Monthly repayment. Extend my greetings to your family and may the Almighty God grant you and your household. Amen. RegardsFletcher Financial Service+234 80565 20283

As I thought he wants my bank account details!! (What a surprise) Well I'm in prison, so I can hardly nip down to my local bank to open an account.

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