Friday, 10 October 2008

UK National Lottery

Another day, another scam lottery email. Mr Butch Stein (how's that for a name girls?) writes to tell me I've been randomly selected to win £500k in the UK National Lottery.

"Your email address attached to ticket no:512-20658001-034 was randomlyselected and drew the lucky numbers: 20-4-11-19-05-1.You you have beenapproved to claim your winning sum ofGBP £500,000.00(Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain pounds) in cash.N:B: This is your reference number;Ref:PRLUK/56POLG/02, Batchnumber;02/78/2010 and this is your Serial Number:0712/04.You are required to fill this form, and contact (Mr. Butch Stein)...."

Strangely, he writes from Australia to tell me this. Anyhow Annie Cheater (who's still residing in HMP Leyhill) has answered him.

"Cool. My name is Annie Cheater. My address is HMP Leyhill, Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire. My DOB is 22 Jan 1976. We arent allowed incoming phones.Annie"

Clearly I'm the sad sort of person that answers these emails. They're all scams. If you get one, delete it. You haven't won anything (and neither have I).

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