Friday, 3 October 2008

Fletcher Financial Services

Nobody wants to just give me money today. Fletcher Financial Services want to give me a loan.

"Welcome, You are welcome to FLETCHER FINANCIAL SERVICES, we are legitimate lenders registered and approved to lend money to members of the public in need of loans. You are to provide us with the following personal data if interested. Our offering rate is 2% 1. How credit worthy are you to repay back this loan if granted? 2. What is your salary like in a month / year? 3. What position are you currently holding in your place of work? 4. Where are you located? 5. What is your marital status? 6. How much loan do you need? 7. Loan Duration Also you have to provide the following info; 1. Full names: 2. Address: 3. Country of Residence: 4. Phones (Home) (Work) (Cell): 5. Marital Status: 6. Name of next of kin: 7. Fax: 8. City: 9. State: Once your response is received we shall forward you our terms and conditions of loans amount you are applying. So we can proceed ASAP with the loan. Contact us Regards Fletcher Financial Service."

I don't doubt they are after your identity, or bank details or both. Just delete the email. If you need a loan approach a reputable bank or credit union.

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